Monday, April 8, 2019

Guardline 1/4 Mile Range Outdoor Motion Alert Review


Sensor for Detecting Motion


-Long Range: 1/4 Mile distance tested in real world conditions
-Easy to Install: Pair and pick a melody with just a few steps
-Four Distinct Zones: A different chime and LED alert for each zone
-Fully Expandable: Supports 16 Sensors and Unlimited Receivers
-Industry Leading Warranty: 2 year warranty

-Quick start video available on their website
-Many options for settings
-Many alert options
-Up to 16 sensors
-Easy setup
-Military discount

-Base has to be plugged in
-Doesn't connect to smart home devices
-No smartphone alert options
-No battery backup option for the base

Guardline Website - Link

Base That Outputs Notification

I received the Guardline 1/4 mile range outdoor motion alert to review and was super excited about it. I have 2 sensors, 1 on the driveway and 1 on my gate leading to the back yard. The setup was pretty simple if you read and follow the provided instructions.  Basically there's some switches inside the sensor that allow you to setup different distances and the option for daylight or 24 hours a day notification, some people don't want to be bothered after dark or at night. I set mine on the lowest range, which is 14 feet. You can set it to work as far as 1/4 mile away, this way you can setup multiple sensors along your driveway to know how close someone is to your home.

The sensor is made of plastic and is able to withstand weather conditions, which for me has mostly been rain. Lots of rain... You are supposed to face the sensor away from the sun to keep it from having false positives, I actually ended up mounting one sensor on the mailbox post at the end of my driveway.  If you don't have a mailbox you could buy a 4x4 post and place it wherever you need to.

You'll want to pair the base to the sensor before you mount the sensor. The other option is to mount it and then just takeout the 4 screws and bring the sensor inside your house.  You have to the base and the sensor near each other when pairing and the base has to be plugged in to function.  I have the base located in the corner of my living room, it's loud enough that I can hear it upstairs if the TV up there isn't on.

I definitely give the system five stars, it does exactly what it's designed to do.  For example, I have my Alexa remind me to place our dog in his crate before my wife gets home from work.   When I do forget I get a notification when she pulls in the driveway.  Of course the main function is to alert you when anyone pulls in your driveway, which it does flawlessly. My base plays a different notification if someone passes by the sensor I have mounted by the side gate, where no one should be.

For the cons I gave here I'm really grasping for straws.  They're probably more like "nice to haves",  Guardline may even have some of these in development. It would be really nice to receive a notification on your smart phone when someone passes a sensor, that way when you're in a different part of the house or in the back yard you would still get a notification. The other option for inside the house is to buy another base and place it wherever you need it.

Guardline Amazon - Link
Guarline Official Website - Link


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