Monday, April 2, 2018

Zenni Optical is Awesome for Eyeglasses!


Not tech related, but I couldn't pass up tell you about an awesome website I found for purchasing eye-glasses.  Most places that you buy eyeglasses from charge an insane amount of money. Zenni Optical actually charges you a little more than what it actually cost to make the eyeglasses. You go to, pick out a pair of glasses you like, add your prescription, choose your options, then click the purchase button. It's that simple! They have pairs as low as $7, now that's just crazy.  Sometimes they do charge $20 for the way they have to make my eyeglasses, but that's still not bad. They have many different styles as well.

I've purchased several pairs of eyeglasses form Zenni Optical. The first one I purchased were the classic looking eyeglasses. I had a whole look I was going for when I grew my mustache out for charity. It definitely achieved the look I was going for, you can see the picture below. The second pair I just received in the mail on Saturday (they actually shipped quicker than I thought they would), shipping can take up to 4 weeks. They have carbon fiber arms, and they look awesome.  I also have a pair of sunglasses on the way, that I paid about $20 for.

You have all kinds of options for your eyeglasses as well. You can have tints, blue blockers, polarized. You can have different color tints. They also have several different brands of tints as well as auto tinting. I usually get the auto tinting with anti-reflective coating.

My Retro Glasses
My New Glasses
Side view of the carbon fiber. 
I was wearing these glasses with my mustache (before I shaved).
So if you're looking for a pair of eyeglasses for a reasonable price, you should definitely checkout Zenni Optical.  You really don't have much to lose.

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Classic Pair Eyeglasses - start at $29.95
Carbon Fiber Arm Eyeglasses - start at $32.95


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