Monday, April 23, 2018

Fibit Versa Review - Finally a Decent Affordable Smartwatch!


-4+ day battery life.
-Store and play 300 songs.
-15+ exercise modes
-Access apps for sports, weather, and more
-See phone notifications
-Track heart rate all day
-Purchase accessory bands
-Connects to wifi

I started out with the Fitbit Charge HR. It had band problems where the band would peel up near the watch after about a year. To solve this problem I bought the Charge HR 2, which has replaceable bands and fixed the problem. I've been really happy with the HR 2 but missed the truly "smart watch" experience. I use to have the first gen Motorola 360 smartwatch (purchased it after the second gen was out), which was awesome looking. It lasted until the back started cracking, which was a common occurrence in that watch. So I was super excited when the Fitbit Versa was announced and pre-ordered the watch. At $199.99, it's actually one of the cheaper smartwatches.

Just in case you don't know what the Fitbit line is, it's a set of fitness/health tracking devices. You can track your steps, heart rate, resting heart rate, sleep (deep and light), your activity, exercises, active hours, and more.  This can help you have some insight on your health. Along with that, you can track your calorie intake, water intake, your weight (they have a scale). You have to manually enter your foods and water for the calorie and water intake.

When it arrived I was excited to get it out of the box and start wearing it. Like most internet connected devices, the first thing it needed to do was install an update. While the update was being applied I installed the screen protector and new band that I had purchased on Amazon (links below). After the updates were installed,  I placed the watch on my wrist and started tinkering with it.

So you may be asking, what can you do with this thing that another cheaper Fitbit can't do?  There are 2 things the Versa can do that the cheaper ones can't. The first is, you can install apps.  There are a couple useful apps the watch has, but the library is pretty small right now. I'm sure there'll be many more apps added. The one app I was hoping was there is the Spotify app, but it doesn't exist yet. They do have 2 other music service apps, Pandora and Deezer. With both those services, you'll need the paid version of the music apps to use them on the watch. The other feature the cheaper Fitbit can't do is app notifications. With the Fitbit Charge and Charge 2, you only had the basic notifications, which included the calendar and text notifications. With the Versa, you get all your notifications. Of course, you can de-select a notification if you don't want it. I really love this feature of the watch because now I don't have to pull my phone out of my pocket as much.

So what do I think could be improved you ask? Well, there could be a better selection of watch faces. After coming from an Android smartwatch, the quality of watch faces is lacking, but there are a couple of good ones. As I stated above, there are also not many apps right now. I'm sure there'll be more added in the future.

What are the positives you ask? Definitely, my favorite part is that the watch can go 4 days on a charge, most other smartwatches you have to charge daily. The display is nice and bright and it's a great looking watch. I love being able to get all my notifications now! It's great that you can change bands. The price is just right as well. I definitely think it's worth the upgrade to the Fitbit Versa!

Price: $199.99

Links - Official Website - The band I purchased from Amazon - The Screen Protector I purchased from Amazon


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