Saturday, March 3, 2018

Toshiba Keyboard Numlock Stuck On - Fix 2

I've since found a second way to fix the NUMLOCK stuck on issue with my Toshiba laptop and it's even easier to do than my original fix. It's so easy that you're not going to believe how few steps it takes. The steps are below.

1. Go to your Windows search bar, type OSB, and press enter.
2. De-select Numlock from the on-screen keyboard (located in the bottom right corner.)

Now you have 2 options. The first fix was to copy and past some code into a text document and save it as a different file, then run the file. You can find the link here.

That's it. Enjoy! If this post has been helpful be sure to share, like, and comment!
Deselect the Highlighted NumLock


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