Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Should You Upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S9?

Last year you bought the beautiful Samsung Galaxy S8 and it was everything you dreamed of. Round edges, OLED screen, great camera.... and so on. After plopping down a huge amount of money, a year later the S9 comes out. Should you upgrade?

We'll start with what's new with the Samsung S9? You have a new color option, they fixed the finger-print reader position that everyone hates (I didn't have an issue with it because I use a case, so this makes it easy to find the sensor), the newer Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor and Adreno 630 GPU, AR Emoji, added 'Super Slo-Mo' mode, and 'dual aperture' camera if you get the S9 Plus. These are some great updates to the S9. But again, should you upgrade?

To me it really depends on what phone you're currently carrying. If you have the Galaxy S8, I'm going to say no. Here's my reasons. The S8 is still a good phone. It has a great camera, a great screen, plenty of internal storage, plenty of ram, and is fast with the 8 cores. The Samsung S8 is still in the process of being upgraded to the newest Android OS, Android 8.0 Oreo. I mean, if you have to have the new AR Emoji or 'Super Slo-Mo'mode, then by all means upgrade. 

Now if you have an older phone, let's say a Samsung Galaxy S5 or S6, or never had a flagship phone, then maybe you should upgrade. I'd imagine your phone is getting pretty slow at this point and the camera's not the best out there. Or you have an older iPhone and looking to make the switch to Android, then this would be a great opportunity.

So the bottom line is, it really depends on your situation. I currently have the Samsung Galaxy S8 and won't be making the switch. I can still get a few more years out of my phone. Do you plan on making the switch?

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