Monday, March 5, 2018

IKEA Computer Desk Dream Build - Around $300


I've had this idea for a while that I wanted to build my own computer desk from pieces from IKEA. I had watched many videos of people doing something similar on YouTube. I was so tired of my small desk and wanted something larger, plus, you can save so much money over buying a large desk.

I researched what I wanted from Ikea's website and went shopping. I ended up going with a 98" counter-top for the desk surface, which was definitely way bigger than my previous desk. For the base I chose two have 2 Alex Drawers, one on each end. I wanted to do something about the wiring with the new desk, it looked terrible on the one I was replacing. Luckily IKEA actually sold a cheap one that would do the trick and was easy to install.

Assembling the desk was pretty straight forward. I assembled the base cabinets first, then placed the counter-top on top. 4 screws mounted the cable management underneath. You can see the progress in the video below.

The parts:
Karlby Beech Counter-top (Link) $119 (now $159)
Alex Drawer (Link) $89, bought 2 for $178
Cable Management (Link) $12.99

Total Cost: $310.98

Additional Purchases:
Wood Base Table Lamp from Amazon (Link) $19.19
Sengled LED Smart Bulb from Amazon (Link) $9.99, bought 2
Desk Pad from Amazon (Link) $8.90
LED Strip from Amazon (Link) $7.99
Smart Switch for LED Strip - One I wasn't using.

The desk looks amazing! I built the whole thing for just over $300. There are so many options for you to go with at IKEA, you can definitely make it your own.

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Time Lapse Video of IKEA Computer Desk Build

New Desk Showing Cable Management (Wall to be painted later.)
Showing Cable Management
The Old Desk


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