Saturday, February 24, 2018

Updates About Myself - Engagement, Australia, New Zealand

I haven't given any updates about myself in a while. This blog use to be about a single dad. That is no longer the case. Now I'm an engaged dad! Yay! I've been dating a lady since about October of 2016. I asked her to marry me around October of 2017 and we've set the wedding date for September of 2018. We've been really busy will all the wedding planning.

In March I'll be going back to school and taking a full-stack coding bootcamp at UNC Charlotte. The classes will be 6 months long and will give me the tools to be a web developer. I'm really exited to start the schooling, I've been interested in html coding for a long time. I'm the one that modded the html on this site, with many trial and errors along the way.

UNCC Coding Bootcamp Information Link

Last summer I took a work trip to New Zealand (which was Winter there). So it was in the 90s Fahrenheit when I left North Carolina and it was in the 20s in New Zealand when I landed, brrr. While I was on my way to New Zealand I decided to stop and take a few days off in Australia, since I was in that part of the world anyways. When I landed I immediately drove 2 hours south to see a couple of water falls.

The first waterfall I visited was Fitzroy Falls. It's a magnificent 266ft waterfall and the largest one I've ever seen. The pictures don't even do it justice at all! They have a viewing deck beside the waterfall and a trail that takes you across from the waterfall so you can get some nice camera shots from a distance. It was pretty cool watching the water swaying with the wind. The whole area looked like the Grand Canyon with trees. They even had a visitors center at the waterfall.

The second waterfall I visited was Belmore Falls. It was about 20 minutes away down a long dirt road, you even had to cross the river to see the falls from the other side. There were also great views from that waterfall as well. Both waterfalls were definitely well worth the 2 hour drive south! There's a video at the end of this page with both waterfalls.

My next agenda while I was in Australia was to visit the Opera House. When I came back to the hotel from visiting the waterfalls I was exhausted. As soon as I went to my hotel room I fell asleep. When I woke up, it was too late to visit anything else that day. The next I decided to wake up early and walk down to the Opera House. I was trying to beat the rain, because of course, it was suppose to rain most of the day.

Sydney had all kinds of really cool architecture and statues on my walk to the Opera House.  There were also many cool cars that we don't have in the United States, including all the utes (cars with truck beds). The Opera House was just as beautiful in person as the photos I had seen on the internet. You could see the Sydney Harbor Bridge across the river from there.  The weather was perfect, around 70 degrees.

So after Sydney, Australia I headed to the south island in New Zealand. All the views in New Zealand were spectacular, even the view from the airport. During the week I was working, but I was able to visit a few places while I was there.  The first place I visited was Queenstown. It's a beautiful city that's on the edge of a large lake. I rode the gondola while I was there, once at the top the view were breath taking.

Another town I visited in New Zealand was Wanaka. It was a lot smaller than Queenstown, but still had a lot of character and views. It was also located on a lake, with a park there. They also had a lot of great places to eat. This lake was less touristy than Queenstown and it was easier to find parking.  

A couple more places I visited whiles there was Arrowtown (which was a cute little old western looking town with some small roads), the National Transport and Toy Museum in Wanaka, Warbirds and Wheels museum in Wanaka, and the Highlands Motorsport Racetrack in Cromwell.  There were so many cars to see in all the museums. I really wish I could post all the pictures I took!

With all that I'll leave you with some beautiful Australia and New Zealand videos I filmed with my GoPro.


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