Wednesday, February 28, 2018

TWS Mini True Earbuds With Charging Case Review


Last over 3 hours.
They are small.
Easy to connect to your phone.
You get 3 full charges from the case.
IPX5 water resistance.

Easy to misplace.
The microphone is useless.
Advertised as noise canceling, but are not.

I decided that I wanted to buy a pair of wireless earbuds for convenience. I didn't want to spend the money on the Apple ear buds, it just seems like a lot of money for something so small. I'm sure the Apple earbuds have awesome sound quality. And Apple, if your reading this out there, send me a pair if you'd like me to review them!

After mulling through many different pairs of earbuds and ruling out all the ones that had fake or low reviews on I decided to go with the TWS True Mini Earbuds with charging case. The two other reasons I chose them were because they had a small charging case and had noise canceling. The price wasn't bad either at $37.99.

I received the earbuds in the mail and charged them up. The earbuds easily connect to your phone, all you do is hold the power button on until the small light flashes blue and red. To connect the earbuds to one another you power on the units within a few seconds of each other and they automatically pair together. The sounds quality is pretty good and they seem to stay in my ears well. They are comfortable to wear for long periods at a time and the charging period is pretty short.

Now on to the bad. These earbuds do have microphones so you can make phone calls with them, but everyone I've talked to says they can hardly hear me. So I definitely wouldn't purchase them if you mainly want to use them for talking on the phone. The TWS earbuds are also advertised as noise canceling, which they are not. Either that or they're just really bad at it. I could barely hear the music I was listening to when flying with Delta a few weeks ago.

I'd still recommend these earbuds for anyone that's wanting to listen to music or a podcast. They are perfect for people that want the convenience of wireless earbuds without the chords.


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