Thursday, July 2, 2015

Cars and Coffee Car Show - NC Music Factory

Update: Cars and Coffee is no longer at the NC Music Factory.

Since the first Saturday of the month coming up I thought I'd post about the Cars and Coffee car show. It's a free car show held on the first Saturday of every month at the NC Music Factory in Charlotte, NC (at the time of this posting (be sure to check the website in case things change.) I was actually surprised at the amount of cars that show up at this place. You have everything from newer Lamborghini's and Ferrari's to old Corvettes and MGs. They have something for anyone and everyone. They have free refreshments (I recommend tipping), but depending on how warm it is sometimes they run out pretty quick. I recommend just bringing your own refreshments.  Another neat thing is that most of these cars were driven in, not trailered.

It's better to get to the car show early, preferably around 8:30am. I tend to spend around 2 hours checking out all the great cars. You'll see them driving in and out as you walk around checking out all the awesome cars. I didn't get as many pictures in May as I did in June. Be sure to check the gallery links below. If you have any free time this Saturday morning, be sure to check out the Cars and Coffee car show at the NC Music Factory in Charlotte, NC.  If you have a cool car, bring it!

JUNE 2015
Yellow Lamborghini Gallardo

Yellow Lamborghini Gallardo Trunk

Red Ferarri

Red Ferrari

Old Camaro

Dodge Vipers

Old VW Bus

Cars and Coffee Car Show

Corvettes - New and Old

2 Corvette Stingrays


Cars and Coffee Car Show

Dodge Charger SRT

Cars and Coffee Car Show



Cars and Coffee Car Show

Audi R8

Dodge Viper

Old Truck


Can-Am Spyder


Yellow Ferarri

Black Audi R8

Jaguar XKR-S GT

Sweet Dodge Truck


Nice Motorcycle

MAY 2015 (Didn't get as many pictures)

Purple Lamborghini

Lamborghini Countach


Pontiac Trans Am

50's Corvette

VW Bug

Old Car

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