Saturday, June 20, 2015

Home Tech Dad Now Mobile Friendly - Other Updates

Home Tech Dad Smartphone
Home Tech Dad on a Smartphone
So I've had my blog for about 2 years and I had never really liked the mobile layout. Basically when I installed the template for this blog, it was never designed to be mobile friendly. My only option was to chose one of the default blogger mobile templates, of which none of them were great. So for a long time I just settled with that. The theme that I use is a heavily modified theme that I've edited to my taste. I know some html and for the longest time tried making my blog mobile friendly myself and failed. I had looked into getting someone else to modify my blog to make it mobile friendly, but it's pretty expensive.

About 6 months ago I ran across a site called Fiverr. The premise of Fiverr is most of the services are $5 dollars and up.  It's individuals that have signed up and you are paying for their services.  They have everything from jingles and voice overs to designing a website. I've always liked the design of my blog and have never been able to find any other themes that come close to something I like. I had sent several people messages and most of them wanted to re-theme my blog, which I wasn't interested. On Fiverr they have another option to request a gig, so that's what I did and I received a couple of responses. I went with a guy that said he could do the work for $45, which is really reasonable.  He did a great job on making mobile friendly, which really excites me because I can see how many mobile users I have when I look at my Google Analytics. I keep getting more mobile users, which is great.

Home Tech Dad Tablet
Home Tech Dad on a Tablet
Since the site is now mobile friendly I decided to redesign my blog logo as well. I've had the first logo since the beginning of this blog. This time around I decided to go with a retro look, since I like retro and antique things. I think the new logo looks much better. You'll also notice other small changes throughout my blog. This includes the footer (the bottom of the page), the sidebar (you only see on desktop and higher resolution tablets), and the About page. I even updated my Favorites page. So enjoy the mobile view and the updates! 

Home Tech Dad Logos
Top: New Logo / Bottom: Old Logo

This is a snapshot of what my blog looked like in 2013, when I started this blog.

Old Home Tech Dad Webpage


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