Monday, May 11, 2015

Carolina Rebellion 2015

Bush was not there.
I haven't been to a large concert in years. When I heard who was playing at the Carolina Rebellion I knew I had to be there. The last big concert I had been to was Weenie Roast back in 2001 or 2002 (put on by 106.5, a local new rock radio station), which is a little similar to Carolina Rebellion except it's for one day over at the PNC Arena in Charlotte, NC.

So you may be asking "What is the Carolina Rebellion?" It's a 2 day event with hard rock bands that play on 4 stages at different times throughout the day. It was held 1 year in Rockingham, NC and moved a couple years later to one of the camp ground areas over at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Some of the bands I wanted to see were Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle, Rise Against, Hollywood Undead, In This Moment, and Marilyn Mansion (I like a few of their songs). The band I wanted to see the most was Breaking Benjamin, which had just recently released some new music and have an album coming out next month. They had just recently started playing again.

When we got there (I went with a woman) the first day, the weather was perfect. Chevelle was great (definitely want to go see them in a full concert). The girl I was with (Mary) had never been to a concert like this. There was crowd surfing and mosh pits going on. One of the first things that happen was a girl that was crowd surfing fell not too far in front of us and was knocked unconscious. Elizabeth freaked out a little and wanted to go further back. I explained to her that these people know that it's always possible to be dropped. We were watching another band a little later that day and Mary had someone fall on her that was crowd surfing. She had a small knot on her head, bruised knee, and a bruised foot. I felt really bad for her.

She was a trooper and was right back there with me the next day. I told her that I wouldn't let anyone land on her anymore (She had to stand in front of me). So we saw some more bands and arrived to see Breaking Benjamin about 45 minutes early. Even then we could only make it so close to the stage, we were crammed in. They were amazing and did not disappoint! This was the best concert I had been to in years. Slash was awesome, Marilyn Manson was interesting, and Rise Against was really good. We saw a Hollywood Dead band member propose to his girlfriend. The amount of people that were there was insane. Overall we had a great time!



Breaking Benjamin

Marilyn Manson

Rise Against

The crowd.


Hollywood Undead


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