Sunday, May 11, 2014

My Hiking Daypack Items

Hiking Day Hike Items

Today I’m going to list the things I have in my daypack for a day hike. I’ve only been on 2 hikes so far and haven’t had any issues. There’s a million post on the internet about different things to bring on a hike, some more extreme than others. I wanted to keep my daypack as light as possible. Remember things in my pack may change from time to time. There isn’t a rule book on what you have to bring, except maybe for water.

BAFX Walking Sticks –

The BAFX walking sticks really come in handy when you’re walking on rough terrain and hills. They can save you from falling down a mountain, literally.

Oilcamp Space Saver

This is a nice small cup I purchased to take camping as well as on day hikes. Always remember to boil water you get from streams or creeks.

MTECH  Mx-8062Bk Fixed Blade Knife 12-Inch

I chose the Mtech knife because it had a full tang. For those of you that don’t know what that means, it means the metal in the knife continues to the end of the handle. Some cheap knifes have a half tang and plastic handle. The full tang comes in handy if you need to use the knife to cut a branch to make a splint. For example you’d use a rock to hit the knife into the branch..

300 Lumens Cree

This is a flashlight that also has strobe function. Always have a flashlight with you. I also carry extra batteries.

Phone Charger – PowerAdd 7200mAh Solar

I use my Smartphone for recording video, secondary flashlight, taking pictures, and mapping my hike (when I get GPS signal). It can also come in handy to call for help if someone falls and gets hurt badly (again if you have signal.) Sometimes your battery may run low and you need to charge it, that’s where the solar charger comes in handy. I can charge my phone twice with this charger. If push comes to shove you can charg the solar charger with the sun. Remember that charging with the sun will take a long time, but could come in handy if you need to.

Friendly Swede  Carabiner "Grenade" Survival

This survival kit includes tin foil, tinder, fire starter, fishing lines, fishing hooks, weights, swivels, dobber, knife blade wrapped in 7ft of 500 lb paracord. There are many different variants of this on the internet. I chose this one so I could hang it on the zipper of my backpack.

4 Function

This whistle has several functions. It includes whistle, compass, magnifier, and thermometer. I hang it from a zipper. It says it’s a kids whistle, but it’ll work just fine.


I wanted a light weight backpack to carry my items in. I came across the Yens Fantasybag Mono-Strap Backpack-Black while browsing Amazon. It has a place to run earbuds out from inside the backpack. Another nice feature is the small zipper pocket at the bottom of the strap. I store my flashlight, firestarter, and matches in there.


I have a 1-2 person first-aid kit. If you go hiking with more people or your family be sure to get a larger kit. I had to use it on my first hike when my son fell and needed a Band-Aid. When you use things out of the kit be sure to replenish it.


I keep the survival blanket for emergencies. I have one for my son and I. You never know.


You can take all kinds of food with you. I prefer things that don’t make a mess. I usually bring nuts, beef jerky, dried fruit, and sometimes hiking bars.


For water I bring a 20oz bottle for every 2 miles I hike. I may bring more this summer when it gets warmer out. If you don’t know how much to bring you can start out on a small hike and see how much water you drink. You should be able to gauge it from there.

Other Things

-waterproof match holder
-emergency tent
-extra zip lock bags
-lint from the dryer in a zip lock bag for fire starting

-fire steel fire starter (came with another knife I had bought)

Other Things I’ll Probably Add

-bug spray

Here’s a video showing most the items above.


Check out my first hike at Crowders Mountain blog post.


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