Sunday, January 26, 2014

Play Android Games (Clash of Clans) On Your PC

Have you ever wanted to play Clash of Clans or any other Android game on your PC? Now you can with Bluestacks.  It's an app that you can download , install and enjoy most Android games. Another great thing about Bluestacks is it's easy to install and there's nothing to configure. You do need to let it update when you first install it so the Google Play Store will appear. The main reason I wanted to install it was to play Clash of Clans. I can play it on my LG Optimus F7 smart phone, Nook HD+ tablet, and computer now. It syncs to all three. Any game that syncs with Google or Facebook will sync between devices.

You can even download and check Bluestacks out if you're interested to see how Android works. Just remember that not all apps will download to Bluestacks. What you can do is search the Google Play Store online and compare it to the Google Play store on Bluestacks.

1. Visit and install BlueStacks.
2. Be sure to let BlueStacks updated when you first start the program.
3. Open the Google Playstore and install your favorite apps.
If you can't find what you're looking for in the Play Store, you can visit and download the app as long as it's not a paid app.

Now get your game on!

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  1. Wow, didn't know this is possible. Since the new update version came out for Android I'm playing it all the time on my mobile. Now it's even possible to play it on PC :)

    Thanks for sharing!