Saturday, June 29, 2013

Carowinds Trip With My Son - Amusement Park - 2013

For Father's Day my son and I decided to go to Carowinds. Actually we were going to go Saturday but decided to wait until Sunday thinking there would be fewer people. It was still busy. For those that have never heard of Carowinds, it's an amusement park similar to Six Flags that has tons of things to do, as well as many roller coasters.

I've been to Carowinds many time throughout my lifetime. I remember when there was Smurf Island, the log water ride, Carolina Sternwheeler boat that circled Smurf Island, Days of Thunder, when they added the Super Soaker ride and when food wasn't so expensive. Back then it was called Paramount Carowinds (starting in 1993). All those things are now gone and many replaced with new rides. 

What lead us up to going to Carowinds was the fact that Nicolas had just gotten tall enough to ride roller coaster over the winter. He is a little thrill seeker. I remember when I was his age you couldn't get me to ride a roller coaster for anything. I was scared to death of them. My dad forced me to ride the log ride (which was small) and that even scared me. I didn't start riding the bigger roller coasters until I was around 16 and they  give me a slight headache when I get off. I still can't ride anything that spins in circles without barfing. 

The first roller coaster we road was Carolina Cyclone. Nicolas was so excited and scared to ride it. He almost wanted to keep his eyes closed the whole time we were riding. He couldn't stop talking about it when we were finished. The next roller coaster we rode was the Hurler. This roller coaster is an old wooden one that will beat you to death. It was just as rough as I remembered. Nicolas though it was awesome because he would lift up off the seat when we were going over the hills. The scariest roller coaster (to me) was the Carolina Cobra. It backs you up this hill and then releases you. You then go flying through the waiting area, over loops and up the other side. Then it pulls you up and you do the same thing backwards.

Nicolas after riding White Water Falls with his minion.
While we were there I did win him a little stuffed toy minion from Despicable Me. It was him vs me. We had to shoot a water gun at a target. I won, all those times at the gun range in the Air Force payed off, lol.  I also had a sketch artist draw him with whatever Nicolas wanted in the picture.  He decided to go with a medieval theme with his minion in a tree, with the tree on fire. 

It seems like the prices for the food keep going higher and higher. I paid $21 for 1 hamburger, 1 fries, and 1 Coke. I thought that was a little crazy. I had  actually spent $10 for a Coke bottle that's able to get free refills all day. The problem was I didn't know that there was only two locations to get it. And of course I was at the point of paying before I figured this out.

Overall it was a fun day at Carowinds. I filmed Nicolas on the rides. Be sure to scroll down and watch the video of my son. He has some great facial expressions.

Roller Coasters and Things That We Rode:

White Water Falls                          Rip Roaring Rapids

Carolina Cyclone                            Carolina Cobra

Hurler                                             Carolina Goldrush

Nicolas's Facial Expressions on the Roller Coasters


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