Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ruger SR9c Review - Great Gun!

Now for my long anticipated Ruger SR9c review. I have never been so anxious to get something like this. The delays made it that much more exciting to receive. I ended up paying around $450 for it from Grice Gun Shop in PA after the FFL transfer and shipping cost. You can read about my delay here.

At the time I ordered the Ruger SR9c I had ordered some ammo from the internet. Initially I called every location locally that carried 9mm rounds with no luck. I found 50 rounds of Winchester 115 grain full metal jackets at The Kentucky Gun Co. website. They were on back order, which was going to take 3 weeks to be filled.  I then found 25 rounds of Hornady 148 grain Custom XTP at to fullfill my self-defense needs. All my ammo ended up coming in before the pistol did.

Unboxing Video
The first thing I did when getting my Ruger SR9c home was to load 17 rounds of the Hornady Custom XTP 148 grain ammo for self defense. Next I headed to Walmart to pick up a cleaning kit and cleaning solution. I've read in multiple forum threads where you need to clean out the striker channel when you first get your Ruger SR9c. The factory tends to apply too much grease to the striker channel from the factory which may give you light strikes. When I disassembled it there actually wasn't any buildup of grease at all. I proceeded to go ahead and clean and lube the striker channel as well as the rest of the gun. Disassembly and cleaning is a breeze.

Holster - $12.99

I mainly just wanted to get a cheap holster to hold my SR9c to keep it from getting scratched when being moved around. It's also nice to have when shooting. It came with a metal belt clip that I removed, I prefer the nylon built-in belt loop. The gun fits snug in the case. The build quality is great, I was expecting something much cheaper feeling.

Gun Case - $16.95

I bought a  Plano gun case from Amazon to store ammo and carry my gun when I go to practice firing. It's foam padded and works well. The foam makes everything nice and tight in the case so that nothing moves around.

Cleaning Kit - $8.97

I bought a cheap cleaning kit from Walmart called Outers Universal Cleaning Kit. It contains the basic cleaning brushes, patch loops, jags...etc.  It is pretty cheap with some of the parts made out of plastic, but it works fine. It's made for multiple calibers.

Lubrication and Cleaning Solution

I'm using Hoppes Number 9 Solvent and Hoppes Elite Gun Oil purchased at Walmart to clean and lube my SR9c. It cleans and oils well. Ahh, the smell of gun cleaner, it brings me back to my military days of cleaning my M4.

Solvent -

Oil -

I finally was able to shoot my new Ruger about 1 1/2 weeks after receiving it. My dad has the perfect location in Salisbury, NC out in the country. The gun feels very nice in the hand and the trigger pull is perfect.  I shot 57 rounds through it because that's all I had for now. It did shoot a little low and to the left but on target. I've read in several forums not to adjust the sites until I've fired at least 500 rounds through it. They've seen where it tends to fire more towards the center once it's broken in. I would definitely recommend this gun to anyone that wanted to carry a weapon or have one for home defense. Once of my next goals is to get my conceal carry permit. I love my Ruger SR9c!

One last thing I'd like to mention is that my Ruger SR9c, cleaning kit, holstier, oil, and solvent were all made in the USA. I thought that was pretty neat.

Shooting Video

Here is a link to some Ruger wallpapers.

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  1. Saw your blog from you adding me to your Google + circles - you said you are shooting low & to the left, I used to do the same thing when I first got my Beretta 9mm, the problem was my technique not the gun

    Squeeze the trigger with just the tip of your finger gently & slowly

    Too much of the meat of the finger tends to pull the gun sideways

    Keeping the gun steady with a good grip & slow pull will also help you keep it steady & bring shots up

    I'm no expert but others pointed it out to me & shared so thought I'd do the same

    Enjoy the gun my son & I have a great time at the range

  2. I thought the same thing when this initially happened. I shot and qualified on different guns when I was in the Air Force.

    Normally if you are shooting to the left you have the trigger finger too far to the right. If you're shooting right, then you have your tiger finger too far to the left. If your shot group is huge and all over the place, you need to concentrate on your breathing.

    I then did a Google search and found many people with the same problem with this model gun that had the same problem.

    I haven't had a chance to shoot the thing since. It could have been me or the gun, lol.

    Thanks for responding!

  3. Thanks for share and nice blog