Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Crowders Mountain, NC Hike – My First Hike


It took me a little longer to get this posted than I wanted it to. I had to get the video edited and I’ve been swamped this week. I’ve decided to add a new challenging hobby, like I don’t have enough hobbies, lol. This will allow me to be outdoors and in the woods a little more as well as to get my son outside more. The first hike I decided to try was at Crowders Mountain, NC, last Saturday. I went with a friend and my son, the friend brought his 2 large dogs along for the adventure. I’ll go into detail about what app I used for tracking my hike and my daypack on another post.

I knew this would be a challenging hike for my son as he doesn’t care to walk for long distances. It was also going to be a challenge for me, since it was my first hike. The hike starts out on a gradual slope and isn’t too bad for the first mile or so. The trail we took was called the Pinnacle trail. From about a mile to the top the incline starts to get steep, then once your almost at the very top you have to climb up a few rocks.


My son wasn’t too happy once we were about a mile in. He started to complain his backpack was hurting his shoulders. I took the backpack off his hands at that point. He started to get tired towards the top, but once we made it he was happy about it. It was almost like a party on the mountain with all the people that were at the top. I ended up running into an old co-worker, which was really neat.

For my son going downhill was the hardest part. He tended to want to speed up and took a few spills, but was ok. I’m glad I purchased a small first-aid kit. He cut his pinky slightly on one of the spills. A bandage always makes him feel better. I had also purchased some walking sticks from Amazon.com that help us out. It kept me from hitting the ground a few times. You’ll see in the video above where I almost took a spill trying to walk and navigate the camera. I did notice for my hike I took way to much water. It was a perfect day and in the high 70s. I could see needing more water if it was warmer out.

I’d recommend this hike for any first time hikers or experienced hikers. It’s a great view once you get to the top and you’ll be proud you made it.

Click on the map below for a detailed overview of the hike.

Crowders Mountain

 Route Stats

-4.12 Miles
-1027 ft elevation gain

-1 1/2 hours

A few pictures from the hike.

CAM01079 CAM01087

CAM01091 CAM01092

CAM01094  CAM01101

CAM01102  CAM01098

CAM01109  CAM01113

Crowders Mountain Official Website Link

Monday, April 7, 2014

Joyland by Stephen King Book Review

I’m starting to like Stephen King’s books the more I read them. Whenever I hear the name Stephen King, I automatically think of horror books. I tend to start reading a book without knowing what it’s about. So I tend not to read review on a book and go straight to reading it. It was no different with this book, hen I saw the name Joyland I thought right away it was going to be a horror book. Boy was I wrong, in a good way.

So the book is written in first person and takes place at a carnival over summer break from college.  The basis of the book is they find out a person was murdered in the fun house of the carnival and there on a mission to find out who did it, at least 2 of the characters are. I won’t give away any more than that. When I start reading a book it tends to take me a while to get interested and I usually start reading it slowly. Half way through the book I usually pick up the pace and start reading it much faster. This was no exception. The book was fairly small being under 300 pages.

It takes place in first person, like he’s telling you the story. So from the beginning I knew he wasn’t going to die. It’s a pretty slow paced book that keeps you just interested enough  where you want to keep reading. Then when it gets to what you’re trying to figure out, it’s fast paced and comes to an abrupt end. Even though it was written this way, I still think the book is worth reading. So if you’re in between books and want a quick read, I recommend this one.

Monday, March 31, 2014

My Son’s Minecraft Lego Micro World Set


I bought my son the whole Minecraft Lego set last Christmas. He had messed with it a little after Christmas and then took a huge break from it. A couple of weeks ago he decided he was going to start building again and finished the first of 3 sets, the Minecraft Micro World. This set included 480 tiny pieces.

For those of you that don’t know, my son is really into Minecraft. It’s a PC/Xbox/Tablet game of creativity and building. He’s been playing it for a couple of years now and loves it. He has Minecraft posters, foam Minecraft swords and other toys.

A little while before Christmas I asked him what he wanted and he mentioned the Minecraft Lego set. I told him he could pick out one of the three sets they have to choose from. He didn’t know I was going to purchase all 3 for him. He was really excited about them when he opened all of them for Christmas. As he completes them I’ll post pictures of them.

Link to buy Minecraft Micro World on Amazon.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Asus Q301LA-BSI5T17 Review

If you’ve read my blog you may know that I have a gaming desktop. It’s fine for most task. I have a Nook HD+ tablet that I mostly use for reading, occasional web browsing, and occasional Hulu +/Netflix watching. Most of you might think “He doesn’t need a laptop.” There are a couple of reasons I do need one.

Reason I Needed a Laptop

-Family History Research
-Blogging When I’m Away From Home
-Producing Music
-Photoshop Portability

I had several specifics in mine when searching for a laptop that some others may not look for. The first is the screen size. I wanted a small screen. To me the whole point of a laptop is to be light and portable. A bigger screen adds weight and bulkiness. The screen on this laptop is 13.3”. The second is a decent processor. I didn’t want anything less than an I5 processor. An I5 laptop is what I chose. The third was memory. I wanted as much memory as possible. This thing has 6 gigs of ram, which is sweet.

This laptop is awesome. It does everything that I need it to do. It didn’t come with extra bloat ware that many laptops come with. It did come with Windows 8, which is my first PC to have Windows 8. It took a bit to get use to. It’s not as bad as I thought initially. It also has touch screen, which is pretty sweet in some situations. I recommend this one if your in need of a laptop. I’ll have an additional post on my home studio setup.


13.3" Touch Screen
I5 4th Gen Processor
500GB Hard drive
6GB Memory
Weighs 4lbs
HDMI Output
Built-in Media Card Reader
1.0MP Webcam
USB 3 Port

Link to Purchase at Best Buy

Monday, March 17, 2014

My Favorite In-Ear Headphones Review – iFROGZ Ear Pollution

When it comes to in-ear headphones, I don’t like to spend a lot of money. The reason is because I use headphones at work and they tend to get caught on things and the cord gets cut. You may say “Why don’t you get a set of Bluetooth headphones?” I did have a set of Motorola Bluetooth headphones. After about a year they started having problems where there wasn’t any bass. Another reason is because you could be in the middle of listening to something and they would need to be charged. So I like to have a pair that’s cheap and easily replaceable if something happens to them.

I normally would by a pair of cheap Sony headphones. They would last a little while and would always blow a speaker. Keep in mind I’m not blasting my music at high volumes. I have seen the iFrogz brand around for a while. I decided to give them a try and purchased the iFrogz Ear Pollution in-ear headphones from Walmart for about $10.

I wasn’t expecting much from the quality. I mean, how good could a pair of $10 headphones be. Believe it or not, they sound really good for the price. I was thoroughly impressed. They have good bass and highs for a set of cheap headphones. From here on out they will be my go to set to buy if I cut the cord while working. They were good enough that I recommended them to a friend at work. He bought a pair and was also impressed.

So if you need a cheap set of headphones, go ahead and give them a try. They come in 14 different colors. This means I won’t get mine mixed up with someone else's. If you don’t like them, return them.


Driver Unit: 9 mm neodymium
Impedance: 16 ohms
Sensitivity: 98 dB +/- 3 dB at 1 kHz
Frequency Response: 30 Hz to 20 kHz
Cord Length: 1.25 m

You can purchase them here at there official site.

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